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Verico Insurance - Mortgage Life Insurance

Your home will likely be the biggest investment of your life. You need to protect that investment and of course your family by insuring that mortgage. We have mortgage life insurance, term and whole life policies as well as disability and critical illness insurance to make sure you are covered from any unseen circumstances. The thought of needing mortgage life insurance is obviously tough to think about however actually needing it and not having it is far worse. Let us show you how affordable and how easy qualifying for this product is; you will sleep easier knowing your family is protected.

Verico Insurance is underwritten by Industrial Alliance Pacific. The monthly mortgage insurance premiums are some of the best in the industry, and for many of our young applicants the costs are minimal. There is also a big advantage to the mortgage life insurance we offer over that of the banks; if you want to change banks at some point you don't lose the insurance you do through us as it is not tied to the lender who holds the mortgage.

Verico Mortgage Life Insurance

Term and Whole Life Insurance

As good as mortgage life insurance is, a standard life insurance policy is even better. There are 4 main advantages to term life insurance over mortgage life.

  1. The policy is not tied to the mortgage, the beneficiary controls the payout of funds. This differs from mortgage life insurance which simply pays off the mortgage, but leaves the beneficiary with nothing in hand.
  2. Term insurance does not depreciate over time. With mortgage life insurance, every year your mortgage is paid down, the payout is smaller than it was when the policy was taken out. With term insurance the payout is always the face value of the policy, so you are not paying more for less.
  3. Term policies are underwritten at the time of application. This is important as it means the insurer will not try to get out paying the policy down the road due to 'discrepancies' on the clients application.
  4. Term insurance is cheaper than mortgage life insurance, something everyone can appreciate.

So apply now to see just how affordable this important piece of mind is today. Regardless of your needs, we have the insurance options for you and your specific needs. Unlike mortgage life insurance, you do not need to be doing a mortgage with us to apply for life insurance. We have the solutions for you regardless of where you are in your personal or financial situation.

Call one of our Mortgage Brokers today, or apply online for a Free Pre-Approval today.


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