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Credit Rehabilitation Program

A lot of the clients who come to us for a mortgage do not qualify due to a poor credit history. The credit crisis eliminated a lot of the sub prime options that we used to have in the market. Time alone is not enough to fix your credit score, you need to establish new credit, and show lenders that you can now responsibly handle credit. The tough part of re-establishing your credit however, is actually qualifying due to the poor credit score you have right now. We hear from clients all the time who are in exactly this situation so we decided to do something about it; we developed our Credit Rehabilitation Program!

When you sign up for our program, we will set you up with a secured credit card and a GIC investment loan, which will both report to the credit agencies here in Canada. By setting up a loan and a revolving credit line, the lenders will see that you have re-established both types of credit (revolving credit lines and installment loans) and your credit scores will soon start to reflect this new 'clean' credit history. Not to mention the GIC (and interest from the GIC) can also be used toward your down payment when you are ready to buy that new home.

Almost everyone qualifies for our program, so there is no need to worry about being turned down. Simply apply on-line and we will contact you with the details of the program and the options that exist for you. You can have a new secured credit card with a limit as low as $500, and a loan with a payment as small as $78 (which again is paying off a GIC which has been purchased in your name).

Secured Visa
GIC Investment Loan

$500 - $10,000 Limit

$5/month or $49/year

19.99% Interest Rate

3% Minimum Payment

Reports to Credit Agencies

Must be Discharged from Bankruptcy

Not Available in Quebec

$2300, $3200 or $5500 Limits

$300 Set up Fee ($400 for $5500)

12.99% Interest Rate

$78, $108 or $126/month Payment Options

Reports to Credit Agencies

Do not need to be Discharged to Qualify

Not Available in Quebec


Let us set you up and get you back on track with your credit. In no time we will be arranging a mortgage for you instead of a credit card, after all, that's what we do. Simply apply directly for these products by clicking here for the secured credit card application and here for the link to the GIC investment loan. Or You can contact us directly to discuss in more detail.

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