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Compare CIBC Mortgage Rates


Compare CIBC Mortgage Rates

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Compare ING Mortgage Rates

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National Bank Mortgage Rates


National Bank Mortgage Rates

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Compare TD Bank Mortgage Rates

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Verico Financial Group Inc.

Verico Mortgage Rates


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Bank of Montreal Mortgage Rates


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RBC Bank Mortgage Rates


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Compare Scotia Mortgage Rates

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HSBC Mortgage Rates


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Compare Our Mortgage Rates to Your Banks

Lets look at what a small difference in interest rate can do to your monthly housing costs. For the sake of this example we will use a typical $250,000 mortgage and a half point difference in interest rate.


3.5% Mortgage Rate

25 Year Amortization


$40,590 Amount of interest you will pay over the 5 year term of the mortgage.

Now lets compare a mortgage rate your bank offers you that is 0.5% higher and you are considering staying with this mortgage rate.


4.0% Mortgage Rate

25 year Amortization


$46,537 Amount of Interest over the term.

So that small difference in interest will save you $6,000! If we take the difference every month and apply it to your payment we can have your home paid off 2 years soon!

Here at Verico Mortgage Options we wanted to make it easier to compare bank mortgage rates by posting the web sites of Canada's big banks. Of course we have added a link to our own mortgage rates page as well so you can see how our interest rates compare with bank mortgage rates. With one of our mortgage brokers working for you, you will rest easy knowing you got the best mortgage rate in Canada!

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Best Mortgage Rates
Variable Sale!!   2.25
1 Year   2.29
2 Year   2.24
3 Year   2.34
4 Year   2.49
5 Year Sale!!
10 Year   3.64
Bank of Can Rate   4.64

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